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Monday, July 29, 2019

Difference and similarities between java and c++

There are many differences and similarities between java and c++ and the following below discuss briefly in by the table one to one comparison into differences and similarities between java and c++

Features in JAVA in C++/CPP
Data abstraction and encapsulation
Binding Static
Inheritance Single Inheritance
Multiple Inheritance
Operator overloading
Template classes
Global variables
Header files
Interface and packages
API (Application Programming Interface)

Java and C++ or CPP are both object oriented programming language but may have different feature and work and use of the application. 
inheritance here is a bit difference between C++ and java. C++ supports are both single as well as multiple, multiple is a very complex inheritance mechanism. On the other hand, does not support multiple inheritances, supports only single inheritance. And, then operator overloading this is another important things; that means, that different operator, for example, the CPP can be used for adding two numbers, plus can be used for adding two documents like this is a polymer print concept actually.

Operator overloading is a concept of polymorphism. C++ allows operator overloading whereas, Java does not allow operator overloading. And, then template classes these basically C++ allow template class; that means, one template means is basic class can be developed which basically not suitable for creating an object, but it is a template only. But Java does not give any facilities to create a template class. There are few more things like a pointer is possible pointer is not possible in Java whereas, the pointer is possible in C++. And, interface and packages Java is a very good one features regarding this whereas, in C++, does not have.

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