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Monday, February 4, 2019

program to check a alphabet is vowel or consonant in c++

Hello Friends! Welcome to programming shortcut
Today will discuss:
--> Program to find whether the alphabet is a vowel or consonant  in c++ or
--> c++ program to check vowel or consonant using a switch or
--> program to check an alphabet is a vowel or consonant in c++

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(){
 char ch;
 cout<<"Enter an alphabet :"<<endl;
  case 'a':
  case 'e':
  case 'i':
  case 'o':
  case 'u':
  case 'A':
  case 'E':
  case 'I':
  case 'O':
  case 'U':
   cout<<"Alphabet is a vowel"<<endl;
   cout<<"Alphabet is a consonant";
 return 0;


   First, run:
   Enter the alphabet :
   The alphabet is a vowel

   Second-time run:
   Enter the alphabet :
   The alphabet is a consonant

Explanation: In this programming, we use the Switch case to check an alphabet is a vowel or consonant

Hello, Friend We first write the program and compile them and run the program to check compiler error or run time error.
Please share the site and comment on your ideas and your suggestions. All suggestion was all welcome.
If any question or doubt in the programming please mention the comment.
Thank yours very much. 

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