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Monday, February 4, 2019

Arithmetic operation by class and object in c++

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How to make a c++ programming for basic arithmetic operation by Class and Object?
What is class and object in c++
This c++ language programming is free all type of errors like compiler and runtime errors and this programming is tested to compile and then run the program code.
Here is only programming code only with their output.This programming output is highly optimised to output understood easily

How to make basic arithmetic operation by class and object in c++ programming

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
using namespace std;

class Test {
    double a, b;

    void add(double a, double b) {
        double result;
        result = a + b;
        cout << a << " + " << b << " = " << result << endl;

    void subtract(double a, double b) {
        double result;
        result = a - b;
        cout << a << " - " << b << " = " << result << endl;

    void multiply(double a, double b) {
        double result;
        result = a*b;
        cout << a << " * " << b << " = " << result << endl;

    void divide(double a, double b) {
        double result;
        result = a / b;
        cout << a << " / " << b << " = " << result << endl;

int main() {

    Test o;
    cout << "Enter the frist number: ";
    cin >> o.a;
    cout << "Enter the second Number: ";
    cin >> o.b;
    cout << "This is following:" << endl;
    o.add(o.a, o.b);
    o.subtract(o.a, o.b);
    o.multiply(o.a, o.b);
    o.divide(o.a, o.b);
    return 0;
//----End code----

Output:  Enter the first number: 5
              Enter the second Number: 4
5 + 4 = 9
             5 - 4 = 1
             5 * 4 = 20
             5 / 4 = 1.25

Note: double is a type of variable that supports to decimal values.I Use double for Store all result

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