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Monday, February 4, 2019

Relation of two numbers in c programming

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C programming to find the two number how to related to each other is greater than or less than or equal?
This c language programming is free all type of errors like compiler and runtime errors and this programming is tested to compile and then run the program code.
Here is only programming code only with the there output.

Find the relation of two numbers c programming language.

//------- code start ------
        int a,b ;
        //Input number
        printf("Enter frist number value: ");
        printf("Enter second number value: ");
        // compairtion and result output of the two number relation.
             printf("%d is less than %d\n",a,b);
          printf("%d is less than or equal to %d\n",a,b);
          printf("%d is equal to %d\n",a,b);
                printf("%d is not equal to %d\n",a,b);
          printf("%d is greater than %d\n",a,b);
          printf("%d is greater than or equal to %d\n",a,b);
// ------- code end ------

               Enter first number value: 5
               Enter second number value: 5
               5 is less than or equal to 5
               5 is equal to 5
             5 is greater than or equal to 5

Note: This c programming output depends on the what numbers value are entered by the user.

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